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Yam vegetarian roast goose recipe

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I grouped allthe ingredients needed in yam recipe on this photo:

Yam vegan roast goose

If you need any clarifications on these ingredients please comment on this yam recipe.

How To prepare

1.Wash the yam and wear disposable gloves to clean the yam skin (this operation is to prevent the yam mucus from contacting the skin and cause itching).

2.Boil the water for 20 minutes until the yam is soft. Cut from it into four strips, and then cut into inch segments for use;   

3. Cut Pleurotus eryngii into long thin strips in boiling water   

4. Wash the pot, boil the bouillon, soy sauce, salt, sugar, allspice, ginger slices, etc. and pour into a bowl to cool for later use;   

5. Put half of the tofu skin on a large dish and pour half of the sauce to make it soft and delicious;   

6. Drizzle with sesame oil and shake well;   

7. Cover the other half of the tofu skin with it;

Yam vegetarian roast goose

8. Pour sauce and drizzle with sesame oil as well, soak for a while to soften the taste;   

9. Cut the softened tofu skin into strips with the same width as the yam strips;   

10. Put it in a plate, put it in a water-boiled steamer and steam for 5 minutes on high heat.   

11. Mix the yam stick and Pleurotus eryngii with a little soaked tofu skin sauce; all the ingredients are ready.   

12. Wash the long onion leaves. Each one is cut in half with a knife and used for tying ropes.   

13. Take the cool tofu skin and wrap 2 yam sticks and 2 Pleurotus eryngii in rolls in order;   

14. Tie tightly with onion leaves;   

15. The whole roll is tightly tied.   

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16. Set the wok on the fire, pour the vegetable oil and burn to 70% heat, and fry the tofu rolls quickly until golden brown;   

17. Put them all on the plate;   

18. Boil the steamer over the fire, re-roll the fried tofu skin rolls into the steamer and steam for 20 minutes on high heat, and remove the code tray;   

19. Heat the wok on the fire, pour in a little oil and sauté the shallots with a small fire, remove the shallots and discard, pour the remaining sauce into the shallots and boil, add water starch to thicken;   

20. Sprinkle on the coded tofu rolls.

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