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A vegan substitute for milk

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Milk and its products appear in so many recipes, but we must not hurry and reject them. Today there is a wide range of excellent vegan substitutes for milk so that we do not feel at all missing.

Dairy products are common in many recipes, cakes, pies, and many foods. In most cases, we give up beforehand and continue to search for the next recipe.

First, it’s worth knowing that nowadays every product has a replacement and so we don’t have to give up anything. Second, it is recommended to look for recipes that we “pre-fried” in advance until you learn how to make the substitutes yourself.

Today veganism is more prevalent and the market is aware of it. Therefore, many products exist today that are worthy of substitutes for dairy products and can be obtained from any food chain.

What are the most common products as a vegan substitute for milk:

Recipe milk substitutes – Soy milk is the most common. Soy milk can now be obtained from soy milk in a wide variety of options. Fresh, durable, reduced sugar, vanilla flavored, and more. More can be found, oat milk, hazelnut milk, rice milk and almond milk, oat milk, pumpkin milk and more infinity. In most cases, cakes and cookies can be substituted for orange juice

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