Best 5 Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss Diet Plan

As life always changes, there is also  a changing in managing diet plan.

Women used to suppress their eating habits, such as limiting the portion and reducing the eating frequency.

Now, women prefer to consume healthy foods to lose weight.

They add healthy vegetables and fruits in their diet meal or consume more of them.

This means that now women put more concern on the healthy diet rather than on ‘going back in shape’.

If you consume vegetable and fruit in your diet, you actually have bulk added to your diet program.

But the good news is you do not add more calories to your body.

In fact, you acquire necessary nutritions like vitamin, mineral, fiber, and antioxidant.

Though all vegetables and fruits are good for the body, there are several fruits and vegetables which have more benefits for losing weight.

You can see the list of the best fruits and vegetables for weight loss diet plan below.



All people know that grapefruit is rich of vitamin C, but only few know that grapefruit can be a best fruit for losing weight.

Based on a study published by International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research, vitamin C is also necessary for weight loss program because it has great effectiveness to help you lose weight.

Consuming grapefruit is good for diet because it is rich of nutrition for the body.

In the contrary, it does not contain many calories.

Grapefruit only contains 69 calories, so you do not need to worry about getting more calories.

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There is a relation between eating orange and losing weight.

An orange is rich of vitamin C and calcium. Calcium and vitamin C are good agents to reduce and eliminate unwanted fat in your body.

If you can successfully reduce the abundant fat, you can successfully lose weight as well as get your shape back.

To lose weight, you need to get enough fiber.

It helps you have good digestive system which is also the key to reduce weight.

Consuming orange which is rich of fiber will be good to keep you feel full too.

As a result, you will not always feel hungry.

Therefore you can reduce your frequency to eat as well as your eating portion.



Carrot is rich of vitamins and necessary nutritions. It helps you maintain your health during having your diet program.

If you consume carrot regularly, you can help your digestive system work in its optimal condition.

Having good digestive system ensures yourself have healthy diet program and reduce your weight successfully.

If you regularly consume carrot, you can suppress your hunger.

It is because of the fact that carrot has low glycemic index.

Food with low glycemic index is processed slowly by the digestive system of the body.

Having carrot in your diet program will not give you more calories.

It only contains 25 calories, very low. Consuming carrot is basically simple.

You can have it as carrot juice. If you do not like the taste, you can mix it with apple juice.

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Many people believe that apple is necessary for weight loss diet plan.

If you consume apple during your diet, you can have healthy digestive system.

Then, you can have regular bowel movement.

Since it is a good source of fiber, you can feel full longer.

The nutritions in apple are also good to maintain your health.



Broccoli is a vegetable which is rich of fiber.

From a cup of fresh broccoli, you can get 2 grams of fiber.

The fiber makes you feel full longer, so you can reduce your eating frequency and eating portion.

Moreover, it also has low glycemic index which makes it slowly proccessed by the digestive system.

Broccoli is also has low calories. When you eat one cup of broccoli, you only get 31 calories.

Consuming broccoli can be lots of fun. You can steam it and have it as a side dish or also have it as a broccoli juice.

When you are in diet program, you still need to put concern on your health.

One thing that you can do is by adding those best vegetables and fruits into your diet plan.

If you consume those healthy foods, it ensures you that you get necessary nutritions to your body.

Besides giving you healthy nutritions, those foods also have benefits to burn fats or reduce weights.

That is why it is very necessary for you to consume them regularly. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the calories.

You can find those healthy vegetables and fruits easily.

They are available in every supermarket near your home.

Buying them does not cost lots of money too.

Talking about how to consume, you can eat them right away or have them as fruit and vegetable juices.

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