How To Increase Your Metabolism And Lose Weight

Most of us are aware of how important metabolism is when we want to lose weight.

Have you ever seen one of those skinny people who seem to be able to eat anything and yet stay thin?

That’s a fast metabolism at play.

So how to increase your metabolism?

Some of us are born with a slower metabolism, but there are things we can do to speed it up and help us burn fat.

In this post I will share with you some simple steps that you can take to boost your metabolism.

How to increase your metabolism in 4 simple steps.

1-Eat more often and eat smaller meals:

You need to eat to fuel your metabolism.

If you eat several smaller meals throughout the day you will keep your metabolism going stronger throughout the day.

This is much more effective than just eating a few big meals.

When you go a long time between meals your metabolism slows down, and when you finally do eat you tend to eat too much.

Try to eat every 2-3 hours. Eat 5-6 meals a day.

2-Eat breakfast :

Eating a good breakfast will give a nice boost to your metabolism in the beginning of the day.

Like you have heard so many times before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You might not feel hungry in the morning but it’s important to eat breakfast, at least eat some nuts or a smoothie.

When you start eating more often your metabolism will get faster and you will start feeling hungry in the morning.

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3-Exercise and Build some muscle:

Do a variation of both cardiovascular and muscle building exercises.

I’m mentioning this again to emphasize how having more muscle will make your metabolism go faster, even when resting.

4-Sleep enough:

This is very important.

Sleep deprivation makes you fat.

And sleeping enough doesn’t just make you feel better, but it also helps your body balance hormones which helps you lose weight.

You might also notice that you feel fuller and need to eat less after a good nights rest.

So practice regular sleep, try to go to bed at 11pm at the latest and get up at the same time every morning.

Priority sleep because it’s so important for your health.

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5-Foods that speed up metabolism:

Truth is that if you have a slow metabolism it is harder to drop those pounds.

You have to focus on foods high in fiber and good in nutritional value.

These foods makes your body work harder to digest them because of the high fiber content.

They are also low in calories, which mean that you will use more calories digesting the food than you got from eating them.

And the result? You guessed it. You lose weight!

Here are some foods that speed up metabolism.

Nuts – about a handful a day. This makes a very good snack.

Fruit and vegetables.

Drink water in the morning.

You can add a bit of apple cider vinegar if you’d like.

Coconut oil – This is a personal favorite.

Coconut oil is good for so many things.

And one of those things is that it boosts your metabolism! Take a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning.

So basically a fast metabolism is absolutely vital when you want to lose weight.

Make sure you eat foods high in nutrition and fiber to burn more calories. 

How to increase your metabolism – here’s the conclusion.

Some of us are born with a fast metabolism and some of us are not.

No matter what category you fall into there are some simple things you can do do boost your metabolism.

Eat more often and eat smaller meals.

Eat 5-6 meals a day.

Exercise and consider building more muscle because it will help you burn fat.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy.

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