What is Biomass Eenergy and How Does it Work?

Biomass, also sometimes referred to as biofuel, is any biological substance (part of the carbon cycle) that stores the sun’s energy as chemical energy and can thus be used in order to produce usable energy for us. This is because chemical energy stored in biomass makes it combustible which means it can be burned for … Read more

What is Bio Energy?

Bio energy is a form of energy that derives its power from biological materials. Often this word is used synonymously with biomass, though the distinction here is that biomass is the substance, while the term bio energy is used to refer to the energy created from that substance. Biomass is considered any organic material which … Read more

What is Geothermal Energy?

There are lots of forms of alternative energy that aim to prevent us from using up the precious natural resources that are fossil fuels. These can be used around the home for individuals or for commercial and industrial purposes, and usually have the added benefit of cutting energy costs too. Learning about these alternative power … Read more

13 Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

It is important to use eco-friendly home products to save our planet. Global warming is the major problem in today’s world. To reduce pollution you need to shift to green home products. By using these green products you can not only save the environment but can also save your money. Technology is introducing many new … Read more

Where Does Wind Energy Come From?

Wind energy is a renewable source of energy that will never run out and that doesn’t have any by-products. This makes it a far superior form of energy when compared to fossil fuels which are in short supply and which are gradually contributing to the effects of global warming. As it stands, 2% of the … Read more

LED Light Bulb: The basics, Pros and Cons And Cost

An LED light bulb is a ‘solid-state technology’ (SSL) and works in a different way to an incandescent bulb (the usual pear shaped bulb we have had for many years). These old-fashioned bulbs emit light through a vacuum. An LED bulb emits light from a piece of ‘solid material’ which in the case of a … Read more

Reasons Why should you go green?

By now all of us are familiar enough with all the “Go Green” campaigns and those “eco clubs” of your community. So people are taking serious attempt to go green – everywhere you look they are using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, gathering scrap metals for recycling instead of throwing them in the trash can, … Read more