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    Vegan Recipes
    January 27, 2020

    Orange and cinnamon muffins

    Everyone loves orange muffins. Some love the “muffin top” and some love the muffin with cream. A simple and delicious…
    Vegan Recipes
    February 11, 2020

    Vegan pasta recipes

    Vegan pasta recipes make quick, cheap and nutritious meals, and the combinations are endless so it makes sense to have…
    Vegan Diet
    January 20, 2020

    Vegan Lunch Ideas For School

    Making vegan meals at home is an easy affair. The difficulty comes in when your kids are going to school.…
    Life Style
    3 weeks ago

    Eating Out While Vegan

    While most people are fully aware that becoming a Vegan, will require a large amount of dedication on their part.…
    Vegan Recipes
    January 17, 2020

    Chocolate spread and excellent vegan nuts

    A delicious chocolate treat and hazelnuts that burst in your mouth and pamper your palate. Ingredients: 2 cups of hazelnuts1…
    Vegan Recipes
    February 19, 2020

    Mashed Potato Pancakes

    Sweet hot pancakes! A soft and tasty potato pancake. So easy to prepare and most fun, it’s without frying. It…
    Vegan Diet
    April 11, 2020

    12 Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan

    Today I wanted to talk about the 12 things you need to know before “going vegan”.   There are many…
    Vegan Diet
    April 8, 2020

    Why Is it Difficult to start a Vegan diet ?

    Going vegan or eating a raw vegan diet has worked for many people and it is the reason why most…
    Vegan Recipes
    4 weeks ago

    Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

    If you have any questions about this recipe, feel free to let me know in the comments.   This recipe…

    Vegan Soup

      Photo of Vegan and rich mushroom soup

      Vegan and rich mushroom soup

      Photo of Rich Bean Soup

      Rich Bean Soup

      Photo of Vegan Broccoli Soup

      Vegan Broccoli Soup

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