Choosing a vegan lifestyle has become very common in recent years and is on a steady rise.

Humans who previously lived under basic conditions in order to survive have reached a point where abundance ishes their world and blurs the boundaries between good and evil and what is not allowed.

It is known that the human body does not need meat in order to live in a balanced and healthy manner and vice versa.

Many studies have repeatedly shown that eating meat and animal products is high in fat and cholesterol and can harm a healthy lifestyle.

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Raising livestock for eating requires unbalanced resources from nature and the environment.[1]

They disrupt the ecosystem and significantly increase the gap between natural and forced.

The livestock industry requires utilizing 70% of the world’s agricultural land.

This industry is the central cause of Amazon rain forest, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by a percentage times higher than the natural amount.

It is hard to ignore the fact that in order to fulfill our lusts we are explicitly ignoring the basic animal rights to live with dignity.

Animals do not get a good and peaceful life as our consciences command us.

Why go vegan?

1.Go Vegan for Animal Rights

The meat industry does much more than killing animals.

They also torture them and violate them sexually.

Animals are chained(in the meat industry), they are hit, they are caged, they are separated from their families.

This is standard procedure. It’s about more than just the meat industry though, vegans don’t consume anything that comes from animals.

There are two main reasons for this:

A-Because just like the meat industry, the dairy & egg industries also engage in torture, restriction of movement, void of consent, and yes even murder.

Male baby chicks who cannot lay eggs are put into grinders alive and are suffocated to death in trash bags.

Mother cows are impregnated, have their babies stolen, and then have their milk stolen.

B-We are also against dairy and eggs industries because anything an animal produces belongs to that animal.

They made it and it is theirs. All Animals produce the things they do with purpose.

Cow produces milk to feed it’s baby, bees produce honey to eat during cold winter, a mink wears its fur to stay warm.

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go vegan to save Animals Right

As vegans we do our best to end the animal’s testing.

Humans often test products or experiments on animals.

These animals are caged, tortured, and exposed to stressful, painful, and deadly situations.

Many hair and make up products are tested on animals.

Many medical and science tests are performed on animals.

This widespread practice continues despite the fact that

  • Often animals bodies do not respond to medications in a way in
    which human animals would, leaving the tests completely useless.
  • – Many of these experiments have been done many times over and we already know what the results will show.

This practice continues often simply to fill the pockets of those experimenting with grant money.

This means we do not go to zoos, aquariums, or the circus.

Animals do not exist to entertain humans.

2. Go Vegan for the environment

Go Vegan for to save environment

While industrial agriculture is far from being perfect, it has a far smaller impact on the environment in comparison to animals agriculture.

The animals themselves and the crops they need to feed on must use (extra) water and be transported using lot of fossil fuels.

3. Going Vegan For Your Health

why go vegan : health benefits  as a vegan diet

The cholesterol found in meat and eggs can cause heart attacks.

Dairy causes excess mucus.

There is absolutely no problem(issue) getting everything a body needs on a vegan diet.

Some people experience improvement in their skin and hair as well when going vegan.

It is well documented that a vegan diet increases life expectancy.

Meat consumption raises the risk of heart disease, stroke,and various cancers.

Here are some environmental statistics related to veganism:

Here are some environmental statistics related to veganism:

Source : AMNCollective –Wikipedia

4. Veganism is Affordable

Veganism Nutrition Cost

Meat and dairy are expensive.

Lentils for instance, which can feed one person for over a day, are typically around $1.30 a bag.

Rice, CousCous, Pasta, Beans, Eggplant, Potatoes, are the base of most vegan meals are some of the cheapest items you can find in a grocery store.

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