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Veganism means living on products that come from plant, with exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, animal milk, and all dairy industry product (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.), eggs,honey, and all other foods of animal origin.
It also excludes the use of animal products such as fur, wool,leather, and silk, items like clothing. 
Vegans make efforts to avoid all animal secretions,oils, etc., that are used in many industries such as cosmetics, toiletries, household goods,and other everyday commodities. 
Veganism encourages alternatives for these and all other materials from animal sources.
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Choosing a vegan lifestyle has become very common in recent years and is on a steady rise. The reasons are different and varied. But surely efficiency for our environment, our body and especially our conscience. Humans who previously lived under basic conditions in order to survive have reached a point where abundance ishes their world and blurs the boundaries between good and evil and what is not allowed.
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Take it slow when transiting to veganism, do it right and not just an overnight choice. Try new things related to veganism, new vegan recipes, new lifestyle…Keep learning and don’t stop on your first day, ask for help from other vegan people and remember why you are transiting to veganism. The most important thing “Don’t give up” because there are times when you might feel really lonely and you will have to accept the fact that your favorite restaurant doesn’t have a vegan menu.
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There are a number of documentaries that we recommend for people who want to learn more about veganism or vegetarianism:
Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.
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All of these vegan documentaries are available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.

For the second time around, this depends on your interpretation. Traditionally, honey is considered as vegan. There are several vegans which do not oppose the use of products from insects because they consider insects cannot sense pain. But given the fact that insects can experience pain, honey is still considered as component of a vegan diet because this is made without the involvement of pain.

Here’s a list of the top 10 vegan honey substitutes

If you are concerned with this thing, there are several animal ingredients lists that you can use in order for you to determine if there are hidden animal ingredients in the vegan food that you purchased in the market. But there are some instances where the foods you can obtain in the market are unlabeled. Because of this, you are not sure if there are possible hidden animal ingredients in it. To give you solution to this, it is recommended that you put your focus on animal ingredients which are too obvious.