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Veganism explained :

Veganism means living on products that come from plant, with exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, animal milk, and all dairy industry product (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.), eggs,honey, and all other foods of animal origin.
It also excludes the use of animal products such as fur, wool,leather, and silk, items like clothing.
Vegans make efforts to avoid all animal secretions,oils, etc., that are used in many industries such as cosmetics, toiletries, household goods,and other everyday commodities.
Veganism encourages alternatives for these and all other materials from animal sources.

Based on this definition, the practice of veganism is to avoid the use of all animal products in every aspect of daily living, from personal-care items and cleaning products to clothing, jewelry, and footwear.
Veganism is not a passive resistance. It compels vegans to find alternatives to commodities typically made from animal products and to make deliberate and dynamic choices about each and every activity in their lives.

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