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What are Gummy Bears made of? Are Gummy Bears Vegan? Let’s find out. In this article we will cover the fruit Gummy Bears ingredients and see if you can eat gummy bears as a vegan.

Gummy bears are small, fruit gum candies, similar to a jelly baby. This soft, chewy, gelatin-based candy first became available in 1864.

The candy, originated in Germany, is roughly 2 cm (0.8 in) long and shaped in the form of a bear. The gummy bear is one of many gummies, popular candies sold in a variety of shapes and colors.[1]

In general, the ingredients in gummy bear candy include sugar, gelatin, con syrup, starches, flavorings, food colorings and citric acid.

Gummy Bears are made by mixing the ingredients together in a large vat. Then the liquid is cooked. The resulting liquid is then poured into molds fo shaping.

Are they vegan? Are Gummy Bears vegan? Unfortunately No. Gummy Bears are not vegan, they aren’t even vegetarian. Gummy bears use gelatin which is made from decaying animal hides, boiled crushed bones, and the connective tissues of cattle and pigs.

But there’s a vegan version of Gummy Bears made from plant based ingredients.

The vegan Gummy Bears recipe is super simple and only uses 3 easy ingredients that you can switch up and customize completely to your tastes!

These 3 ingredients are:

  • Fruit juice.
  • Agar Agar powder( you can find it here)
  • A sweetener (sugar/maple syrup/agave)

You can also check these Vegan Gummy Bears on Amazon here. They are low in calories and sugar, keto friendly and plant based.

Are Haribo Gummy Bears Vegan?

Unfortunately, NO. Most Haribo Gummy Bears are not vegan.

The presence of gelatin in the manufacturing process makes them unsuitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct commonly used to make capsules, cosmetics, ointments, and foods.

Are Albanese Gummy Bears Vegan?

An ingredient used in the process of making Albanese Gummy Bears is Gelatin.

Which makes them unsuitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

According to their websites, all Albanese gummies are made with gelatin that is derived from pork.

Does Black Forest Gummy Bears Have Pork Gelatin?

According to their website, Black Forest Gummy Bears use pork gelatin to achieve the perfect yummy, gummy chew.

As a rule of dumb, always check the product label before buying.

Are Gummy Bears Halal?

The original Gummy Bears recipe contains gelatin.

Gelatin may be halal or haram. The source is the key, not gelatin itself. If the source is non halal animal source then it’s not permissible, but if it comes from halal animal source then it is obviously permitted.

Are Gummy Bears Halal? It depends.

Always double check the ingredients list before buying.


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