The 8 Best Vegan Cookbooks Of 2022

vegan cookbook

Not sure what to get your friend who’s kinda interested in eating more vegan food but doesn’t know where to get started? Grab one of these awesome vegan cookbooks. Great for the environment, fantastic food and animals saved by lowering meat consumption. Win, win & win. Click the images to check pricing & reviews:  1. Toni … Read more

10 Reasons Everyone Should Be Vegan


In a world where pork is added to food in a variety of ways, meat products are a staple of all kinds of sports, barbecues, and celebration venues. So sharing vegan food is less appealing.  We have many misconceptions about the vegan lifestyle and the recipes vegans use in their daily lives.  Many people may think … Read more

3 Best Vegan Cruelty Free Perfumes


Unfortunately a lot of beauty products, like perfumes, are tested on animals or contain some type of ingredient from animals. Some products contain secretion from the anal gland of felines, whale vomit, and beaver testicle juice! There has been some concern in using these ingredients because of cruelty to animals. Most people don’t believe in animal … Read more

The 10 Best Vegan Food Processor Reviews 2022

vegan food processor

What will life be without inventions such as food processor? Gone are the days when people spend ridiculous hours trying to get things chopped smoothly for cooking, thereby taking up priceless time that could have been spent organizing other things or even preparing out the final dish. Just imagine how many food recipes would have … Read more

Top 11 Best Vegan Documentaries On Netflix That Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint, improve your health, or you just eat delicious foods, and still need a bit more motivation to go vegan, check out these best vegan documentaries on Netflix. Here is a list of 11 best vegan documentaries on Netflix: 1- Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) In this 90 minutes crowdfunded documentary on … Read more

Managing OCD : Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD) is a mental illness characterized by unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts and repetitive and ritualized behaviors. This compels the person suffering from the illness to do the same tasks repeatedly in order to eliminate the thoughts. For instance, if you fear that everything you touch has germs, you wash your hands repeatedly to ease … Read more

Is Gnocchi Vegan?

Is Gnocchi Vegan

All your gnocchi questions answered, including what is gnocchi, is it vegan and how to make gnocchi. What Is Gnocchi and how it’s made of? Gnocchi (pronounced no-key) are a varied family of dumpling in Italian cuisine. Some people call it Italian pasta but it is not a form of pasta. It is actually a dumpling made out of potatoes. … Read more

Is Stuffing Vegan Or Vegetarian?

Is Stuffing Vegan Or Vegetarian

Stuffing or filling is mixture, often composed of herbs and a starch such as bread, used to fill a cavity in the preparation of another food item. Almost anything can serve as a stuffing. It is typically made by combining herbs, spices, chopped vegetables, and breadcrumbs. Stuffing may contain only vegetables and herbs. Some types of stuffing contain sausage meat, or forcemeat, while vegetarian stuffings sometimes … Read more

Are Sun Chips Vegan?

Are Sun Chips Vegan

What are sun chips anyway? And how are they made of? Sun Chips is a brand of fried grains, rippled, multigrain chips launched in 1991 and produced by Frito-Lay.[1] Instead of utilizing potatoes, like many traditional chips, Sun Chips are made with whole grains. SUNCHIPS Original Whole Grain Snacks are made from : Whole Corn, Sunflower and/or Canola … Read more