The cabbage soup diet is an extreme weight loss diet that promises a weight loss of up to 10 pounds / 5 kilos after 7 days.

It is based on a certain combination of vegetables, most of them cooked in a soup.

The meals of this diet are easily prepared and the range of foods included is narrow.

It Is Important That You Find The Cabbage Soup Recipe Attractive.

The Cabbage Soup recipe

It will be difficult to follow the diet plan if you can’t imagine eating the soup every day of the 7-day diet.

If you can, the diet promises a quick weight loss in a relatively healthy manner.

Use the diet if you have some weight to lose and only have a limited time to do so.

Please be aware that losing weight and gaining weight back several times can be damaging to your health.

It is important that you maintain your weight after any diet.

Use a good “after-diet” program!

The effect of the diet is strongly related to your discipline in following it exactly.

You can eat unlimited amounts of the soup.

This is a strong advantage of the diet plan as it allows you to fill yourself up on the soup.

As the soup is generally beneficial to lose weight, eating more soup can actually increase the weight loss effect, as your metabolism is forced to continue working.

The Soup Includes So Called Negative Calorie Foods.

The negative calorie food theory says that some foods have very little calories but they require that the body use lots of energy to digest them.

It is proposed that these negative calorie foods require more calories for the digestion than your body takes in.

This is a diet myth but still these negative calorie foods can be very beneficial to lose weight.

Big Cabbage Soup Diet Advantage:

If you follow the diet strictly you will also cleanse your digestive system and body.

The cabbage soup diet plan is relatively healthy for being a fast weight loss diet.

The diet is based on a relatively low calorie intake.

It is therefore very important that you include the two must-have supplements , a multivitamin and half a gallon / 2 liters of water each day.

Cabbage Soup Diet – Pros and Cons


  • a very fast way of losing weight. All you needs was only 7 days diet.
  • you can eat as much or unlimited amount of the prescribed foods yet still lose weight fast.
  • a great “kick-start” for a more sustainable long term weight loss plan.
  • “Quick relief if you are desperate to lose weight.”
  • preparation of the soup is as easy as A-B-C.


  • Cabbage soup diet is not very nutritionally sound plan. This diet is too low in complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals to continue for an extended period of time.
  • Some people who have tried this diet report feeling light-headed and weak, and notice decreased concentration.
  • Dieters are only allowed all the water and cabbage soup they want, plus a very restricted set of other foods. 
  • The Diet relies on eating strange and bizarre combinations of food that nearly force dieter to starve each day.
  • This plan is only effective for temporarily period. You only lose water pound , not actual body fat.
  • Continuously drinking cabbage soup for a consecutive 7 days  will make you feel bored and certainly not one to live on.
  • Deal to large amount of soup and water consumed, be prepared to spend more time in the bathroom.

How Long Should You Be On It?

Well, we think only seven days of this strict diet is recommendable.

Follow these days with a good diet after the diet plan to keep the lost weight off.

The danger of a rapid weight gain after the diet is high as the diet is rather one-sided.

The body can react by wanting to regain its original weight quickly after the diet.

Monitor your weight and your eating habit after the cabbage soup diet with the same intensity as during the diet.

The Cabbage Soup Recipe

The Cabbage Soup Diet

In order to prepare the cabbage soup recipe, you will need these ingredients:

  • 5 big onions.
  • 2 green peppers.
  • 1 white cabbage.
  • 5 tomatoes.
  • 1 celery, low-salt and low-fat soup broth.

Additionally you can use the following spices: pepper, oregano, parsley and other spices except salt.

How to prepare the soup:

Put all the vegetables in small pieces and cook with water for 10 min on big flame and then for about 30 min on a small flame.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The Cabbage Soup Diet plan

You may not consume any alcohol, sugar and no additional fats during the diet.

Also never eat bread, cookies, honey and milk.

You should drink at least half a gallon / 2 liters of water every day.

Do not drink any soda drinks.

You can eat the soup whenever you feel hungry during the diet.

Eat as much as you want until you are full.

The soup is very low on calories.

You should eat the soup frequently during the day to keep your metabolism working during the whole day.

Take the soup with you in a thermos flask if you are for example at work during meal and snack times.

Purée the soup to make this easier.

The cabbage soup diet plan consists of 7 days:

Day 1

Next to the soup, you can eat any fruit (except bananas) during the day.

You should not eat any other foods (for example no milk or honey).

Next to water, you can drink unsweetened tea as well as black coffee without sugar.

Day 2

Next to the soup, you should eat steamed vegetables (any kind) without any sauce or addition of fats.

Do not eat any legume fruits (for example peas, corn or beans) and no fruit.

You can eat a baked potato with 150 grams of low fat ham during dinner.

Day 3

Next to the soup you should eat up to 200 grams of fruits (except bananas) and 400 grams of raw or steamed vegetables (no potatoes) during the day.

Day 4

By following the cabbage soup recipe and diet plan strictly you should have lost at least 2 kilos / 4 pounds by the morning of the 4th day.

Next to the soup you can eat 3 bananas spread during the day and one serving of buttermilk.

Next to water, you can drink unsweetened tea as well as black coffee without sugar.

Day 5

Next to the soup that you have to eat today as well, you should eat up to 300 grams of low-fat cooked or grilled vegetables with 5-6 fresh tomatoes and basil.

Also use vinegar, onions, pepper and very little salt.

Day 6

Next to the soup that you have to eat today as well, you should eat up to two low-fat cooked or grilled vegetables.

Day 7

Next to the soup that you have to eat today as well, you should eat 200 grams of cooked brown rice with red and yellow paprika.

Additionally, slightly cook the slices of one tomato with one tablespoon of olive oil and eat 50 grams of low-fat ham.

You can see that the cabbage soup recipe is indeed very easy to prepare.

A good weight loss motivation is essential to follow this diet through.

Of course it also greatly helps if you find the cabbage soup recipe attractive.

Cycle Opportunity

You can continue the diet for another week or even longer.

You should then take a break of two days in between.

In these two days you should eat whole grain products as well as low-fat vegetables and fruits.

The two cycle days should be low fat and low on sugars.

We recommend that you do this diet only twice in a row and then switch to another diet plan for a longer period.

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