Here’s how to make your own Soy milk yogurt:


1 bag of Bai Sheng You Soy Milk Yogurt Homemade Beverage, moderate boiling water

One bag can make 250 ml yogurt, and the temperature of the water should not exceed 40 degrees, so as not to kill the probiotics in the yogurt.


       1. Pour soy milk yogurt homemade powder into measuring cups.

  2. Pour warm water to a constant volume of 250 m and stir well without particles.

  3. Pour the prepared liquid into the stainless steel bowl of the yogurt machine.

  4. Cover the lid of the bowl and the yogurt machine, and power on.

  5. After 6-8 hours, lift the lid of the yogurt machine and you will see a lot of water condensation on the lid of the bowl

  6. Open the lid of the bowl and see that the liquid has solidified into a tofu brain, indicating that the soy milk yogurt is ready.

When you remove the lid of the bowl, you can smell a light flavor of soy milk.

You scoop up a spoon with a spoon, and it looks like a tofu brain.

If you don’t know in advance that it is yogurt, you really want to eat it as tofu brain.

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