Bees are insects. Insects are animals.

Honey is a product made by bees.

Honey is created by honeybees eating, partially digesting then regurgitating nectar from flowers.

This honey is used by bees as their food supply through winters.

Humans take honey from bees without their consent.

Often honeybees are kept in small confinement and gassed when they are no longer needed or as fruitful.

The queen bee, the most important bee, is killed in order to assert control over the hive.

Vegans don’t consume or use anything that comes from an animal.

Vegans do not support cruelty.

From a former beekeeper:

“Typically, beekeepers are gloved and netted to avoid stings (nearly every bee who stings will die due to her entrails being pulled
from her body attached to her stinger.) Then the hives are opened as quickly as possible and the bees are ‘smoked.’ Smoke from a smoldering fire carried in
a ‘smoker’ is pumped into the hive and the bees are ‘calmed.’ In spite of this, the combs are pulled quickly and many bees are crushed in the process. When
a bee is hurt, she releases a chemical message that alerts and activates the hive members who proceed to attack the intruder—giving their lives in the process.” [1]

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