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Setting Goals For Your Vegan Weight Loss

As with most anything you desire to have in life setting goals is paramount with your vegan weight loss diet plan. 

If you’ll truthfully assess you will notice that most of your biggest accomplishments in life have be the result of setting and accomplishing some type of goal.

A goal needs to be a well planned and thought out process if you have even the slightest chance of achieving it. 

That being said, it is just as important to plan correctly as you embark upon your vegan weight loss journey.

Having vegan dieting goals gives you a measuring stick by which you can judge whether you are on track. 

How will you even be able to know if you’re doing a good job if you don’t have a defined process by which you’re able to measure your progress? 

When you look at your progress report you will then know whether to give yourself a ‘high five” or a swift kick in the rear.

Now that you know why you should have a vegan weight loss plan, let’s discuss how you should go about setting those vegan diet goal that are so important for your dieting success. 

You should set goals that stretch you beyond your comfort zone without being so far-fetched they are impossible for you to achieve.

If you set goals that are too aggressive, you will be frustrated and will eventually reach a point where you will give up altogether. 

In order to avoid quitting on your vegan weight loss diet you should take great care to insure that your goals are realistic and within your reach.

When it comes to weight loss you need to be specific when setting your goals. 

Rather than setting a total goal of 40 to 60 pounds, start with a specific goal such as 5 pounds in one week. 

Then you can extend the goal further out to a month until you reach the desired goal of 40 pounds. 

It’s much easier to lose 5 pounds eight times than it is to lose 40 pounds all at once. 

It’s a bit of a mind trick but it is quite effective. 

Five pounds sound easy and achievable. 

Forty pounds sounds like your trying to climb Mt. Everest.

Another thing about your vegan diet goals is that you want to hold yourself accountable but you shouldn’t call the whole thing off if you fall off the bandwagon or don’t meet your goals. 

Find out where you went wrong, dust yourself off and get back up in the saddle and ride once again.

Your vegan weight loss plan should be your own personal goals and not the goals of someone else that may be pushing you to lose weight. 

Losing weight is a very personal journey and you should treat it that way. 

If your heat isn’t in it, there are very few goals that are going to motivate you to continue when the going gets rough.

Finally, you should establish small (non-food) rewards for accomplishing your vegan weight loss goals.

Perhaps your reward will be a new accessory for your new (or new old) wardrobe or a night out on the town with friends .

Make your reward something fun and frivolous and teach yourself that accomplishing your goals can be accomplished by something other than food.

This is a key to dieting successfully.

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